Advance Care Planning 

Does your treating healthcare professional know your treatment preferences?


Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a process of thinking about, discussing and documenting your treatment preferences for future healthcare. It prepares you and others for a time when you’re not able communicate your treatment preferences. 

When we are unable to communicate our treatment preferences, your documented treatment preferences direct your treating healthcare professional and ensures your treatment aligns with your beliefs, values and preferences. When we do not document our treatments, we rely on others to make such important treatment decisions on our behalf.

There are five key steps to Advance Care Planning:

  1. Gather your thoughts
  2. Talk to someone close or important to you
  3. Talk with your treating health professional
  4. Let your preferences be known in writing, and
  5. Share your preferences with those important to you and your treating health professional.

There are two legal documents in Western Australia that enables you to document or direct your treatment preference: Advance Health Directive (AHD) and Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG). Another important legal document in Western Australia is the Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA); this enables you to appoint someone to make financial decisions on your behalf. Listen to information about the Advance Health Directive and Enduring Power of Guardianship (MP3 2.9MB, 7:12 min) or read the audio transcript.

How Can we help?

I use an Advance Health Directive decision making model to empower you to complete your AHD, EPG and EPA. With over 10 years’ experience working within Advance Care Planning, supporting healthcare professionals and the community and being an experienced Registered Nurse in palliative and critical care; I understand the importance of aligning your treatment preferences with your values and beliefs. I offer an Advance Care Planning Package; ensuring you have all the resources you need to complete and execute your ACP documentation; AHD, EPG and EPA. As part of the ACP package I assist you to make sure your AHD and EPG is accessible by your healthcare professional within your MY Health Record and ensure and your AHD is accessible within the Clinical Alert, as an AHD clinical alert.

I provide:

  • Support in facilitating an ACP discussion with yourself and anyone else you would like to be involved
  • Advice and support; empowering you to complete your own AHD, EPG and EPA
  • Training and education on ACP to service providers and community groups, and
  • Face-to-face and online sessions, including visiting you.


Advance Care Planning

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